Plastic2Power USA, Inc. (P2P-USA) Is a Nevada corporation currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada. P2P-USA is a stand-alone division of the AngelPreneur Venture Group, Inc (APVG), a privately held Hawaiian venture development firm and parent of P2P international. 


APVG Founder/CEO and principal shareholder Mr. Peter D. Ortmann serves as our Chairman/CEO, obtaining project sites and financing options to accomplish our proposed business plan objectives. He is also the Founder/President of the Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Fondation), APVG's non-profit organization sharing our collective mission to reduce plastic waste. 


Mr. Kashley W. Kotera, serves as our President, and manages our project design, research and engineering operations. In early 2020 we will be relocating to California, increase our management team to lead the build-out of our initial waste management solution within Ventura and Santa Barbara County., then expand within North American, the Hawaiian Islands and Caribbean Sea.


Our combined mission is rooted in the need to reduce plastic packaging and scrap tire waste in general, but ocean plastic waste in particular by building The Plastic Waste Solution to reduce and better manage one of the world's largest growing waste crisis.


To accomplish that goal P2P-USA has designed three (3) unique elements that can be duplicated encompass a single business objective to provide a global solution to the growing plastic waste crisis, both in our oceans and locally. They are briefly outlined below;

P2P Waste2Cash Collection Centers

Waste2Cash Collection Centers (P2P Centers) will serve as the heart of our local waste collection strategy. They are designed to serve as local area stand-alone individually owned and operated franchise-like businesses, which collect and pay consumers for their clean waste plastic products, glass containers, styrofoam packaging, and scrap tires. These independent waste collection agents and entrepreneurs place collected waste items

into containers and send them to regional waste processing - P2P Industrial Park facilities for proper processing.

Typical Proposed City Industrial  Park

P2PI, in partnership with its parent company

APVG, will build a regional City Industrial Park, or waste processing facility to prove out its waste management model in California. Once proven, it plans to build City Industrial Parks in other cites to process waste collected from its networks of Waste2Cash Collection Centers. They are Designed to serve mainly regions with 500,000 population or greater, with smaller facilities possible for smaller markets. 

P2P Port Industrial Parks (P2P Port Parks)

The P2P Port Industrial Parks are designed for a larger processing facility, mainly at a port site within an island country. The rendering above was designed for Puerto Rico, and intended to serve as a regional processing Hub that manages the waste collected from within the islands of the Eastern Caribbean, exceeding 20 million residents. Other 

destinations such as the Port of Tampa, Florida or Honolulu, Hawaii also offer large scale waste processing potential. These Parks have tenants that can benefit from cost effective energy. 

In addition to the above waste management operations to be developed, we will co-develop and operate an exclusive waste monetization strategy called the P2P Waste2Cash Card Program

It will be designed as an add-on feature to its CBO (MSD$), online Travel Rewards Program being developed by the Tropical Reef Travel Group, an APVG company now in development. 


Once launched, MSD$ will compensate its members with virtual SandDollar$ (SD$) for online and offline interactions. Our goal is to motivate and engage consumers who participate in the Card Program, to also earn cash for every pound of plastic and glass returned to a P2P Waste2Cash Collection Center, or a flat fee per scrap tire returned (varying by size). Under this innovative program, participants will earn points per pound of waste, which are posted to the member's accounts daily. Accrued points can be converted into cash and drawn out at any ATM worldwide. 


The objective is to get local consumer participants who are serious about helping address the waste crisis, while earning cash for their waste products for themselves, a local charity, or help fund local beach and coastal clean-up crews. Members will also be able to work with churches, social clubs, or business groups to collect and pool waste products to help fund their organizations under the program. 

                                                                                     P2P Parks will process all plastic packaging  waste

                                                                                     and scrap tires back into a low sulfur fuel oil, it origin,

                                                                                     using a proven environmentally-friendly process known

                                                                                     as pyrolysis (see diagram on left).


                                                                                     The oil will be used to generate electrical power to

                                                                                     meet the needs of our P2P Park Tenants, which are 

                                                                                     being developed independently by APVG and will grow

                                                                                     into each new location with us. These include vertical

                                                                                     indoor farming, atmospheric water making, yacht

                                                                                     building and other manufacturing.

Funding will come initially from APVG and its private parties, institutional investors, governmental development grants, strategic offshore partners, world banking and governmental agencies.  By 2030 we hope to have 30 P2P Parks and over 200 P2P Waste Collection Centers in operation worldwide, processing over two (2) million tons of plastic waste and 10 million tires annually. 


Even with that goal in mind, this represents just a small amount of the over 8 to 12 million tons of plastic waste that currently reaches our oceans each year. An amount that is increasing at a rate far faster than we can ever hope to collect and process it. 

This website shares more about our P2P Park strategy and targeted locations, the pyrolysis
processing systems, environmental reports, our proposed tenant mix, the Waste2Cash program and long-term goal of ending the life cycle of waste products in general at the source - locally - before it reaches the landfill, while turning this renewable energy resource into power, food and other values.

We turn plastic waste and scrap tires into power for indoor vertical farm, cold storage, and manufacturing companies.
The Plastic Waste Solution Company

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