To better understand the plastic waste crisis, consider that within North America the average consumer generates approximately 80 pounds of single-use plastic packaging-related waste each year. One needs to only look in their refrigerator or visit any local grocery store to see that most products come in some form of plastic packaging today. As the above video shares, a large part of that waste reaches our oceans.


In the Caribbean, like any island or beach tourist destination, the base contribution or amount of plastic waste generated is approximately 70 pounds each per year. This may not seem like much waste on an individual basis, but collectively it amounts to millions of tons of waste each year. The chart below shows the most recent population figures by country and the annual estimated "new" plastic waste generated in each country annually, along with the amount of oil we could recover and use to generate power values. 


For every pound of waste plastic collected

and processed by us we can recover .12

gallons of usable fuel oil. That equals over

8.4 gallons of oil per person each year in the

Caribbean alone.  


When considering that an estimated 8-12

million tons of plastic waste, 20 BILLION

plus pounds of this waste finds its way into

our oceans annually. Applying this average

12 factor, in essence we are dumping 2.4

BILLION gallons, or 5.7 million BARRELS 

of oil (42 gallons per barrel) into our oceans 

each year.


This amounts to a massive hidden oil spill

every year, but where is the outrage on that?  


As alarming as that may sound, we dump an

estimated five (5) times that amount of oil

into local and island landfills each year.  Now

think it's been happening for at least 30 years

and you can see that our local landfills may

become future oil fields.


This does not include the oil that can be recovered from the millions of scrap tires generated in the Caribbean, many dumped into our oceans or landfills annually. We will also collect and crush glass bottles and containers, accept Styrofoam packaging and paper.


P2PI intends to become the pioneer of this new waste management strategy, and The Global

Plastic Waste Solution Company, in the years ahead. We believe these waste products represent one of the greatest lost, yet renewable energy resources that we have today. A lost resource just begging to be reclaimed or recovered, and one that could make our landfills the next great mining opportunity.  

In time, P2PI intends to build four (4) smaller but similar P2P Port Parks, and over 200 stand-alone P2P Waste2Cash Collection Centers (P2P Centers) within the Caribbean region, and a single P2P Port Park in Hawaii, supported by 20 P2P Centers, investing a collective USD $2 billion or more to address the waste crisis, creating over 10,000 long-term jobs. 

We turn plastic waste and scrap tires into power for indoor vertical farm, cold storage, and manufacturing companies.
The Plastic Waste Solution Company

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