Plastic2Power USA - Waste2Cash Collection Center Overview

Plastic2Power USA, (P2P-USA) is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and intends to build-out the first full network of company owned and operated P2P Waste2Cash Collection Centers (P2P Centers). Most will be stand-alone facilities built on five-acre (or less) sites, and will include a Tropical Reef Travel Cafe as shown in the above rendering. 


Each of the P2P Centers will collect mixed waste plastic packaging waste (including styrofoam packaging), scrap tires, and all types of glass containers from the local community . Plastic will be sorted, all glass will be crushed and bagged, and along with collected scrap tires will be placed into containers or trucks for shipping to our strategically-placed P2P Park for processing.  

P2P Centers will offer and manage the local area CBO Waste2Cash Card Program, which allows individual consumers, entrepreneurs, and non-profits to earn actual cash currency for providing their waste products to us. Although one must join the program to participate and their accounts can be managed online, each P2P Center will be staffed to assist consumers with the program. 


Once our initial P2P City or Port Park location has been secured, P2P-USA will begin building out that network of ten or more P2P Centers. These will become operational even before the local P2P Park is completed, and well before they become operational. The goal is to start building a suitable backlog of waste product feedstock required to operate our processing system cost effectively. 

The average P2P Center as shown in the above rendering is expected to cost USD $3.5 million each to build and equip for operation (less local land cost). Although subject to change, P2P Centers will employ approximately 30 people, and be open to the public Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, closed on Sundays. 


Although waste products do not need to be dishwasher clean, all waste returned to P2P Centers must be at minimum rinsed clean, and not contain liquids or residual organic matter. P2P is also looking into the possibility of collecting organic waste from consumers, for a fee, to use in its proposed vertical farming operations and power generating systems. 


Through our parent company we plan to include their Tropical Reef Travel Cafe food and beverage franchise model within each P2P Center. They are designed to manage the CBO Waste2Cash Card Program, which together will add value to the waste collection operation and cause greater consumer interaction and engagement to broaden the local reach and waste return strategy.


We turn plastic waste and scrap tires into power for indoor vertical farm, cold storage, and manufacturing companies.
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