Plastic2Power USA - Proposed Las Vegas Network Overview

Plastic2Power USA, (P2P-USA) is based in Las Vegas, and one of the most common questions our Founder gets is: "why are you based in Las Vegas if the goal is to reduce ocean plastic waste and live in Hawaii?" Great question!

The fact is that Las Vegas is an international tourist

attraction and one of the largest trade show markets

in the world. It saw over 44 million visitors in 2018

and it currently has over $6 billion of tourist related

construction underway, not counting the $2 billion

Raiders Stadium.


Las Vegas, and nearby Henderson,  remain one of the

fastest growing city regions in the United States, The

24 hour a day - 7 days a week entertainment options

here are endless and mostly first class. As are the diverse hotels, resorts and food options. It's also a good place for businesses in most cases.  All that greatness, however, generates an estimated 300 tons per day of mostly single-use plastic waste products or more, which represents over 72,000 gallons of possible fuel oil that could be reclaimed, instead of being dumped into the local environment. At $65 per barrel that is over $40 million a year lost value. P2P-USA aims to recover that oil while cleaning up their environment, and do so in an eco-friendly way!

In partnership with the APVG, our parent

company, we intend to build a Las Vegas

P2P City Industrial Park, similar to our

proposed initial California (conceptual

rendering at right) once we move forward

with our proposed Vegas waste network.

Our Founder has been working to address

the ocean plastic waste issues since 2006. 

Of the 350 million tons of plastic-based 

products produced annually, an estimated

8 to 12 million tons reaches the oceans.

The P2P plan seeks to reduce this flow.


                                                                                                                        In addition to building out our waste

                                                                                                                    collection markets within cities like Las

                                                                                                                    Vegas, we also plan to establish a

                                                                                                                    series of mobile unit plastic and glass

                                                                                                                    waste collection drop sites at local 

                                                                                                                    retailers such as Home Depot, Lowes,

                                                                                                                    Costco, local manufacturing and 

                                                                                                                    construction sites, and strip malls.


We hope to build long-term relationships with e-commerce shipping giants like Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair and others who each generate large amounts of waste. Amazon could even assist in the waste collection process under our proposed plan, helping to drive the reduction of plastic reaching our landfills. Best of all, we will pay consumers for their clean waste products.


However, it won't happen overnight! It will require not only the support of locals, but politicians and the brands who create the plastic packaged products. Our proposed network is estimated to create over 25,000  long-term, good paying local jobs, reduce landfill space requirements, the local carbon footprint substantially, and generate power to operate cold storage facilities, indoor vertical farms or other businesses in some island countries.


The P2P waste management model is scalable on a global level, and we already have plans for the Caribbean Sea and Hawaiian Islands region underway. Look for Plastic2Power to become the pioneer of this new waste management strategy. One that addresses a true global crisis that many say is as important as addressing climate change, on a local basis. 

We turn plastic waste and scrap tires into power for indoor vertical farm, cold storage, and manufacturing companies.
The Plastic Waste Solution Company

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