Plastic2Power USA (P2P-USA), is a Nevada corporation based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our principle partner and parent company is the AngelPreneur Venture Group Inc. (APVG), a privately-held Hawaiian venture development firm. 


P2P-USA plans to design, build, and operate its initial network of ten or more P2P Waste2Cash Collection Centers (P2P Centers), to support a single regional waste processing facility directly. It will develop stand-alone P2P Industrial Park project developments through real estate secured Limited Partnerships.  No such partnerships have yet been drafted at this time.


P2PI will seek state and federal development grants, plus loan funding for construction of its initial projects. Future growth will come through institutional partnerships, global banking or related

organizations. P2PI intends to also conduct a Direct Public Offering (DPO) of its equity shares in the future to help fund its global expansion. 

P2P City Parks are estimated to cost between USD $60 to $100 million each depending on their size, cost of property site, number and size of buildings and the needs of the regional area. P2P Port Parks will cost between USD $160 to $250 million each. P2P Waste2Cash Collection Centers are estimated to range in cost from USD $3.5 - 6 million each. This includes the cost of all required land, processing equipment and related tenant improvement costs. 


P2PI has substantial growth potential and is the first of many APVG companies to become an active operation, and is being designed to become a public company or to be acquired by one. We continue to entertain offers from companies equally dedicated to addressing a truly serious global plastic waste and marine debris crisis, through our waste management solution and strategy. 


Based on the increasing awareness of the plastic waste and marine debris crisis worldwide, and the estimated USD $6.5 billion in funding committed by agencies and organizations to address it. P2PI anticipates active participation in funding our waste solution business from local, state and national governments, World Banks, United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), global corporate brands, and individuals.  If successful, by 2021 P2PI will grow rapidly.


Once our initial sites are in full operation, clearly demonstrating that our waste management strategy offers a viable solution to address plastic packaging, scrap tires, styrofoam, glass bottles and container products works, and can be processed in an environmentally-friendly way to benefit any community and reduce the carbon footprint, our growth is assured. 


In remote island locations each new location will create good paying jobs, reduce landfill space requirements, and provide surplus power into the grid.  In some areas it will allow for self-powered cold storage facilities and indoor vertical farming that grows millions of dollars in fresh produce annually. Most of these remote island countries currently import foods, oil to produce power, and have serious landfill issues.

We turn plastic waste and scrap tires into power for indoor vertical farm, cold storage, and manufacturing companies.
The Plastic Waste Solution Company

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