P2P City Industrial Business Park 

P2P Port Industrial Park Conceptual Plan

As outlined elsewhere on this website, in partnership with APVGall P2P Waste Collection Center locations will be developed jointly under a combined goal. That goal is to engage local consumers in the waste solution long-term by making collecting and returning their waste products fun and rewarding. In some cases, a P2P Waste Collection Center may incorporate a Tropical Reef Travel Cafe, being developed by APVG.

Plastic2Power is working with its parent company APVG, 

to develop a number of tenant companies for its network

of proposed City and Port Industrial Park developments,

including, but not limited to those featured below. 

Each project location will be built with a pre-determined tenant base designed into them to meet local needs, however, they will include several core tenants, as listed below, in addition to its own waste collection and processing operations. These companies will operate independently, acquiring cost-effective power from P2P onsite.  These stand-alone companies are briefly outlined below. 

Fruit & Veggie Vertical Indoor Farmsis a stand-alone company being developed by APVG. It intends to operate a three-story vertical indoor farm to grow select fruits and produce products for the local area. They plan to become the Food Security Franchise business model of the future once established and grow globally.  

Urban GrowSpace is another APVG company developed to serve as a consumer-driven rental grow space franchise opportunity. They will become to fresh grown produce, what Public Storage became to self-storage, a pioneer and leader in its space. It offers individuals and restaurant chefs a fully-equipped cleanroom quality grow space with racks, LED lights, watering and HVAC control systems. t

HumidaPURE Water Company, is an atmospheric water-making company developed and owned by APVG. It converts humid airflows into fresh water, while also providing air conditioning within the building that host its mostly roof-top equipment. This company was developed to provide water to APVG's Maui, Hawaii based developments, and will be placed within P2P Port Parks.

CityCubes Cold Storage is another APVG company designed to offer commercial and personal cold storage rental space. These facilities will have docks to offload/load frozen food items and offer related services. They will be well-suited for local food brokers, restaurants and retail stores who can rent spall spaces in a climate controlled room, under 24 hour security. 

We turn plastic waste and scrap tires into power for indoor vertical farm, cold storage, and manufacturing companies.
The Plastic Waste Solution Company

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