Plastic2Power USA - Proposed Prison Power Opportunity Overview

Plastic2Power USA, (P2P-USA) has developed a unique way to make state and federal prisons energy self-sufficient long-term, while reducing local plastic packaging and scrap tire waste, plus growing food via onsite vertical indoor farming. It offers paying jobs and training to inmates while incarcerated, and skills that can be used after they are released.


Our current P2P waste processing model incorporates

both plastic waste and tire processing line operations,

built within the proposed APVG Las Vegas AngelPreneur

Business Park.


A portion of both plastic and tire processing could be

used within a prison system, since each process requires

a slightly unique pre-processing methods, with different

oil yield outputs, and they are well suited to become

stand-alone processing facilities within a prison if desired.

With that in mind, depending on the needs or desires of the State prison system, a plant that can produce enough power to entirely run the prison, while also growing produce with inmate run vertical produce farms for their own consumption, or even sale locally, can be developed on a case by case basis. 


The above chart shows a proposed flow of how incorporating a scrap tire waste processing facility into a prison system might work. The messy part of washing, removing metal and shredding can be done either within or outside the prison, depending again on the level of participation the State or Federal prison operator wants. 

At minimum, delivering a ready feedstock to the prison for processing offers a solid opportunity to reduce long-term prison operating costs and the least risk. This is because the metal removed from tires pre-shredding could cause an issue at a more maximum security facility. A minimum security or camp-like facility would allow for a complete shredding and processing operation.  

A complete processing facility, as outline in the chart above, with the attached indoor vertical farming operation powered by the power generated through the process, could create over 200 or more jobs onsite. It would also provide for on-the-job training for inmates, who once released can if desired, grow with what may become a new global waste management industry.

This is just a proposed concept and it will take the political will of the elected State and Federal politicians to drive forward. One thing is certain, the rising prison population will require more jobs, training opportunity and the price of the power and food they will consume will continue to increase regardless of where they are located. It's time to look forward and plan with that in mind.

We turn plastic waste and scrap tires into power for indoor vertical farm, cold storage, and manufacturing companies.
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